Media Planning for Travel & Yachting in the Facebook and Google Era

A new era of luxury travel is upon us, and your customers are looking for bespoke, end-to-end lifestyle experiences. What better time to deliver on their dreams than now? Book your 30-minute consultation below.

Here's a Look at Our 4-Stage Consultation Process. . .

One-to-One Discovery

In this FREE 30-minute session we take a look at your business goals. The focus of this session is to understand the prospects and clients you are looking to communicate with and how your communication should work,

Breaking Down Your Business Goals Into Actionable Items

In this deep, we build out a strategy for what you want to do. It's about a 2-hour process, which we can easily do over a call. It's a $497 one off cost, which at the end will give better insight to yourself and us on what to focus on next. After that we'll build a strategy and "Gameplan" that you can use if you choose not to work with us.

  • We build out your strategy

  • We design a gameplan for your business

  • You take it with you... if you choose

2-day Product Creation Workshop

to Accelerate Growth for $1997

Workshop and Coaching

We work with you understand the market you’re after, compared to the goals that you have and what we need to do to combine them.

Response & Content Funnels

Are our specialty when working with travel and yachting brands, partnered with my and your industry knowledge, is going to knock it out of the park.

Data Insight & Action

Many businesses rely on methods that they’re using because they’ve got no evidence to support change. We bring insight and data to accelerate growth.

3 Phase Strategy and Proposal Framework

After your workshop, we will present a comprehensive 12-month PR strategy

designed to meet the media objectives of your business.

Phase 1: PR & Content Marketing

You get a PR + content marketing strategy that works across various content and conversion methods, is repeatable, and serves as a blueprint for the future of your business.

Phase 2: Design

You also get a content system that outlines your company's funnel architecture, metrics, scalable design, project allocation, lead capture, blogs, traffic, landing pages + more

Phase 3: Time Scale & Investment

Every step will be completed on a monthly retainer in 4 phases over a 12-month period, using company resources for an amount to be disclosed in the contract.

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